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Keeping Our Customers in Good Spirits Since 1934.

With 4 locations throughout the Boston area, and a dynamic range of specialty services, Gordon’s continues to be on the forefront of the retail experience. One of the cornerstones of our longevity is Gordon’s world class team of beverage professionals who are integral to our long term success. The strong relationships we have forged over the years with our suppliers, and customers allow us to provide unparalleled selection, price and service that will endure for generations to come.



Established by Milton Gordon, Gordon’s original Waltham location was a destination for those seeking quality spirits and consultation. From early on, the around-the-clock work ethos was best exemplified by the in-store kitchen where Milton’s wife Pauline routinely prepared breakfast through dinner for the family.



In the 40s and 50s, Gordon’s second Waltham location on Moody Street and Watertown location were opened. In 1976, Ira “Sonny” Gordon took over from his father, expanding into new markets and moving into the wholesale business. During that time Ira’s teenage son, Rick had already begun immersing himself in all the aspects of the family business.



After Ira’s untimely passing, Rick took over the business at age 28. After a recent trip to New York visiting some of the top retailers, Rick realized the business needed to shift their focus to Fine Wine, a growing category focused on wines of quality and distinction. When he returned, he placed a full-page ad in The Boston Globe, which at the time was a game changer. Rick continued to innovate through creating a flourishing beverage catering division and one of the first fine wine newsletters, “The Daily Flash”.



In 2000, Rick moved the Main Street headquarters across the street to better accommodate the business’s growing needs. Shortly after, sons David and Ken joined the company ushering in a modern era. David forged new business development including recruiting key hires and infrastructure to build a world class Fine Wine team, opening a Culinary Center event space, and opening stores in Watertown and Newton. As the spirits buyer, Ken curated an extensive selection of whisk(e)y & specialty spirits.



Gordon’s first Boston location in Downtown Crossing opens featuring a sleek, industrial design and quickly becomes the city’s premier destination for fine wine and whisk(e)y winning Boston Magazine’s Best Wine Shop. In the coming years, David launches Gordon’s Wine Storage Facility and Ken introduces Gordon’s Private Barrel Program sourcing the finest private label, whiskey, rum and spirits from around the world. Gordon’s is awarded Market Watch’s Retailer of the Year in 2019.



While Rick still remains integral to the daily operations, David and Ken have established a modern footprint for this historical retailer. David is now acting as Managing Director and Ken as Director of Retail. As a family, Gordon’s continues to innovate an ever-changing retail landscape including upgrades to e-commerce, and delivery logistics to ensure a more quality customer experience through ever-changing times.